Monday, November 12, 2012

Since Halloween...

Life has been pretty normal since I posted last.  I LOVE that we have just normal, ordinary days!  We've been playing with friends, going to school and church, playing outside when its not too cold, and just enjoying each day!  God's blessings are all around!  Here's some pictures I captured from the past week or so...
Jacob spent time going through his candy from Halloween and eating some of it. Many days he liked to just take it out and organize it. Ha!
He even decided his stuffed animals needed his candy too.  He thought it was pretty funny!  Sharing is fun!  :)  One day last week he must have found some starburst in his bed because he came out of his room during nap time and said he had to put something back...  Funny that he didn't just eat it.  Ha!
Saturday was a no nap day apparently...and he decided that his drawers needed reorganizing.  How nice of him to help us out in that way (insert sarcastic voice). 
Jacob asks to play baseball he's been busy learning how to catch, hit, and throw!
This is what Elizabeth is doing alot of lately...just smiling away!
This is what we do when the boys are out playing baseball...
Dressed up for church!  So sweet!  That is Jacob's silly face!
Elizabeth has been practicing sitting in her bumbo.  Jacob wanted to be in the picture and Jackson is always close by!
Have a blessed day!  Thanks for checking in with us!

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