Friday, July 13, 2012

"Dads and Boys" Trip

For a Father's Day gift to Chappy, the Tuley Boys got to go to St. Louis for a special Cardinals game.  The trip was planned by Agga, and Uncle Biggie (with his super power connections) was able to get a plane for the boys to travel in style!  We had been telling Jacob that he was going to go on a trip with Chappy, Daddy, Uncle Biggie, and Uncle Buh, and that girls were not allowed.  He appropriately named the trip the "Dads and Boys Trip." which we thought was so cute! 

The Boys waiting by the plane.  Jacob was so excited at the airport.  He loves planes, and was saying, "I love the airport.  I love Southwest, I love Jet Blue.  Where's Jet Blue?"  I am not sure where the Jet Blue came from because we have never flown on that big blue airplane, but nevertheless, Jacob was wondering why those big jets were not at this airport.  We told him over and over that those planes were too big for this airport.  :)

In the airplane.  SOOO excited!

In St. Louis at Mike Shannon's restaurant before the game!

Go CARDS!  Apparently, it was pretty hot.  Jeff said the ball park registered at 110 degrees, the humidity was horrible, but this guy sure was cute!

All the Tuley boys together after the game!  What a great picture!! 

The next day, they went to the Gateway Arch and took some pics.  Since it was still so hot, the trip was cut a little short and the boys decided walking around in the hundred degree weather was not that fun!

Jacob checking out the capsule that takes you to the top of the Gateway Arch...
Fun was had by all!

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  1. Julie, I've been thinking about you lately. Your son is so adorable! He looks a lot like you and from the pictures, seems to have your sense of humor, but then again, I havn't met your husband so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Congrats on your new baby girl(soon?)! Our son is 3 and we had a girl on July 5, but she has been in the NICU since then. She was born at term without any problems but her platelets weren't stable. They still can't figure out the diagnosis. Please pray for us and any advice you have would be great! I know prayers are so powerful! Blessings to you and your family. from Laura Perez (speaks)