Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Chappy!

This past weekend we headed to Atlanta to celebrate Chappy's Birthday.  We drove up on Thursday night so we could have all day Friday with Chappy and Agga and the family.  We made some special memories and started some new traditions along the way.  We played T-Ball, flew airplanes, ate birthday lunches and dinners, and went to a farm on Saturday.  It seemed to go so quickly!  Here's the highlights in pictures...
Daddy and Jacob playing baseball in the backyard at Chappy and Agga's house.  Swing!

Jacob looks so determined here.  He started swinging up and down to hit the ball, so we tried to teach him to swing "Across the body."   I think it worked!

Swinging!!!  With Mommy and Jackson watching!

Baseball with Daddy and Chappy!

Jacob chose one of his two trees that popped up unexpectedly in the backyard...

The boys!  Precious!
Laughing.  What a smile!

Airplanes are always involved somewhere...  :)

Jacob is pointing at a remote control airplane that Uncle Biggie is flying around the backyard, and Jackson is watching it too.  I am the only one looking at the camera!  :)

Agga wanted to start a tradition that the grandchildren make a birthday lunch for here's a picture of Jacob making a cheese sandwich for Chappy. 
Saturday morning we went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then headed out to Cagle's Family Farm for some fall fun!

Jacob getting ready to "jump" on the bouncing pillows.
Steady, Steady...
Of course we had to ride the pony named Punkin. 

After the pony rides we walked over to the farm for the Agri-tour.  Jacob saw the tunnel and took off!

Learning about milking cows.

Neither Jacob or Daddy looks very interested in the milking process...  HA!

After the session on milking, we hopped onto the Hayride.  Here's mommy tickling Jacob.  So fun!

We forgot Jacob's sunglasses and he was having a hard time with the sun, so I gave him mine.  So stylish! 

When the hayride was finished we got out and fed the animals.  Here's Jacob feeding the pig!

Yes, I really did this.  Ha!

The family shot.  So hard to get one with everyone looking...

Jacob with Chappy and Agga.  Cute!
 Happy 20th Birthday Chappy!  We had a great time and look forward to many more birthdays to celebrate together!

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  1. It looks like you and Jacob were the only ones not looking in the family shot :-)