Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The last time I posted Jacob was pretty sick. didn't get better so we went back to the doctor last Wednesday. They said his virus gave him an ear infection and put us on antibiotics. The next day Jacob began pulling at his tummy, became very restless, didn't want to be touched, wanted to stay in bed, and was overall very upset. We watched him closely and noticed that his tummy was getting bigger and bigger. We didn't know if this was an allergic reaction to the medicine, just constipation, or even something more serious. We went back to the doctor on Friday morning because Jacob's abdomen was very distended and he was not drinking or eating and lethargic. We were sent to the ER at Vanderbilt where they did x-rays and found a bowel obstruction in his small intestines. He was taken back for surgery that night and they found a section that was kinked off and purple in color, they had to cut out about 10 cm and sew it back together. They also found other adhesions on his intestines and took care of those while he was opened up. The surgery took 3 hours. Recovery was very rough the first two days. Basically, Jacob had a bad reaction to the morphine and sometimes it took three of us to hold him down and try to calm him. Finally the doctors listened to us about what was best for Jacob, and gave him Dilaudid for pain. What a difference that made for Jacob! Within a few hours he was calm, sleeping, even interacting with us during his awake time. There's about three stages to his recovery...we are in the final stages now. Jacob had to have a bowel movement or pass gas, and have limited amounts coming out of an NG tube, before we could give him any liquids. When he tolerates liquids, then we can move to solid food and if he tolerates that, we can go home. We are on a liquid diet now, and hopefully will start food tomorrow or Friday, then be able to go home either Saturday or Sunday. While we did not want this to happen, we feel like God has been with us. We feel like He orchestrated the timing so well for all this to happen when it did. Dr. Morrow, the surgeon that performed all of Jacobs surgeries, "just happened" to be on call that night and God knew that would give us such peace of mind knowing that he would be doing the surgery. We learned alot about being advocates for Jacob and we believe that things will only get better from here! Here's some pictures of Jacob from the past few days. Deon never left his side through the whole process. They even took Deon into the operating room. However, I sure hope Deon's germy body wasn't anywhere near Jacob's insides...They probably left him in a holding area and just told Jacob that he was with him always!

This is a picture of Jacob today drinking his juice and waving to the camera. So sweet!

Taking a wagon ride around the hospital.

There's an outside area where Jacob got to see statues, fountains, fish, and just enjoy a little sunshine.

We'll update when we are home!


  1. So, so sorry to hear your little man has been so sick. Praying you get to go home soon. Blessings...

  2. What a scary unexpected situation! =0( I was so upset for you all when reading this. So VERY glad he is ok!! Prayers for fast healing!

  3. Where have I been??!?!? I am so sorry to hear that Jacob has been through this terrible stuff. I hope he continues to improve and will be back to his cute self in no time!