Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weekend with Jacob

Here's what we did last weekend...Friday was a day of tests and doctors appointments, and Saturday we got to hear a group called Coal Train Railroad at the Downtown Library.

Here's a picture of Jacob in the car on the way to Vanderbilt. He's so big in his car seat... I tried to get him to smile, but it was kind of early for him to have smiles...those come later! :)
Here's a picture of Jacob getting an ECHO. He laid on the bed so nicely while the radiologist got images of his heart and pulmonary vessels. Good news, Jacob's heart looks wonderful and we don't have to go back for another year! Since we've been off medication and oxygen, the doctor seemed pleased and said that he would discontinue the order for the we have more closet space! Yay Jacob!

"Show me your SILLY face!" This is Jacob's newest look...he does it all the time. I finally got a picture of it. He thinks it's so funny! Oh the things you do while waiting for doctors.... :)

These pictures are from Saturday at the Library. The group that performed was called Coal Train Railroad. They were a Jazz band that sang children's songs. SO CUTE!!! It was very crowded and when we arrived there was just one small spot to the side of the band. So, most of the concert Jacob was either sitting in our laps or standing up and dancing, but toward the end people were leaving and we got to put him in a chair. Jacob was sitting in the chair so nicely!

Doesn't he look SO entertained??? :)

Another shot of Jacob's silly face. What a HAM!

Our attempt at a family shot. Believe it or not, this was the best one! Ha! (See the kid in the background with a Coal Train Railroad shirt...he was a DIE hard fan!)

The band...
Walking out of the library. What a fun time!
Thanks for checking in with us! Have a wonderful day!


  1. WALKING out of the library! What an under statement!

  2. SO SWEET...Great news on the doctor's reports! Enjoy the rest of this hot summer....