Friday, April 16, 2010

What we all want to know........'s official. After some discussion today with Jacob's pulmonologist...

Jacob can come off oxygen during the day!


However, the results for the sleep study are not completed yet (insert a BIG BOO here). Therefore, we don't know how he did at night without oxygen. SO....that means for the next two weeks we monitor him at home without oxygen during the day and see how he's doing. Then, if we don't have any concerns, and the sleep study results are good, then Jacob can come off at night too.

We're so proud of our little man! Thanks for the prayers. We will update with the results of the sleep study as soon as we know them! I'll leave you with another cute pic from Easter. I love how he's contemplating which flower he'll get next!


  1. Yay Jacob!!!! What great news!!!!

  2. SOOOOO awesome! Can't wait for the rest of the study to come in with equally great news!

  3. That's wonderful!!! I LOVE that puckered up look on his face........TOO FUNNY!!!

  4. praise the Lord. Love the "good news" updates! =)