Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Justin Bieber Hair

Here he is...Teen sensation Justin Bieber
and his look alike Jacob Tuley!!!!!!

Jacob's hair is beginning to get out of control on the we styled it like JB. Jacob loves to listen to the song "One Time" by Justin Bieber. So here's our tribute to all his fans out there! :)

As for a quick update, Jacob is doing pretty good. You can see from the pictures above that he doesn't really need his oxygen and he is finding ways to be rid of it...with a snotty nose and all. For some reason we just can't get rid of this lingering "cold" so we're disinfecting everything and hoping to get rid of those germs. Spring can't come soon enough.

He's begun to go from a sitting position to his belly, all by himself. He wants to be mobile, but doesn't have the coordination yet. This is the first step and it's pretty funny to watch. Our son, WHO IS NOT THE RISKTAKER, is beginning to take some risks to get things out of reach. Yay!Also, it sounds like he is starting to "copy" words that we say, although they don't sound anything like words, and we can't tell what he is saying at all, but nevertheless we feel like real words are just around the corner.

Thanks for checking in with us. Have a wonderful day. And Jamie...if you're reading this...UPDATE YOUR BLOG ALREADY... you've "had a blog" for a while now!!!! I love you sister! Hee Hee.


  1. I know updating this blog might be tiresome, but I want you to know I truly appreciate the work you've put into doing so. I read each and every one and have prayed for your family since day one. Thanks for keeping us all updated and smiling.........

  2. jacob is soooo happy! i LOVE the pic of him chewing on his cannula! i hope the docs give the ok to get rid of it soon as it appears that jacob is ready to give the ok! love the hair too!!! go jacob! :)