Friday, November 6, 2009

Poor Baby!!!!

Poor Jacob...Nobody told him that he'd have to have so many shots in one day. Normally, at the 9 month check-up there aren't any shots....but not for Jacob. He got 4 shots all at once. He got a second round of the flu shot, the first of two rounds of the H1N1 shot, and two RSV shots (because his dose requires more than 1 mL, so they have to make it into two shots). He handled it pretty well, considering.

Here's his stats for his 9 month check up. He's up to 31 inches in height. That is well above the 95th percentile for length. He's weighing in at 23 lbs. 1 oz., which is about the 80th percentile for weight. As you can see from this picture in his car seat, Jacob is a GROWING boy. A while back we had to switch to a bigger convertible seat, because he'd outgrown the infant seat. Even when he's in his big boy seat, his legs still hit the back seat. And of course, his best friend is with him. We don't go anywhere without his frog "WubbaNub."

Who knew that he'd be so big and cute! We are having so much fun with him! Such a big boy in his Sunday outfit.

Here's one more of Jacob in his Halloween costume. He tolerated the hat much better on Halloween night. I think he realized that it was keeping him warm.
Thanks for checking in with us today. Have a wonderful week! I'm sure we will!


  1. He does look like such a big boy! Carter's little legs looked like that yesterday and today they are bruised :( I'm glad he handled it like a champ!